Epilepsy Statistics


"1 on every 26 people over the course of their life will be diagnosed with epilepsy"


 ‘EpiSafe’ is a new, developing, medical safety device specifically designed to act as a monitor/alarm for epilepsy patients and their carers in order to prepare for a seizure event and to act as a recording/sensor device for collecting data for clinicians who manage the disorder in primary and secondary care.

“EpiSafe aims to be the first line of defence for those with epilepsy, who wish to take control of their life and lead an independent lifestyle”

The EpiSafe Team
Audrey Holland is a graduate of the National University Institute Of Galway 2015. Audrey has committed herself to EpiSafe's development and bringing the product to market both nationally and globally.
" I wish to make EpiSafe a premium monitor & alarm system for those with epilepsy"